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This site is mainly for professionals of aesthetics and modeling aesthetics.

Sweet Palping is a technique of innovative work, effective results in the short term profitable.

The Lys Des Sables: your trainer center ensures training adapted to your needs.

Lys Des Sables Cosmetic is a line designed for professional cabin. Products increase the already positive results of Sweet Palping. 100% natural line.

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Look at the results of this possible method in 7 sessions.


To receive care Sweet Palping face or body.

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Cosmetics sold to individuals.

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Quality products

Sweet Palping is the first rolling massage face and body not electric.

Patented Concept French.

French made

Andapted training

Sweet Palping is for professionals: formation is needed.

Find all of our formations on our website.

Safe Maintenance

You can maintain your equipment in our workshops.

Your equipment is delivered in perfect condition.

This will ensure the longevity of your tools.

A Cosmectic Line

We offer an efficient line for face and body for every skin type. Manufacturing 100% with natural BIO containing with highly concentrated active ingredients.

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